Finding Bravery

to take the next step.


Bravery comes in all shapes and forms. Sometimes, the most surprising way it shows up is in the choices we make with each new step forward.

I've been a lifelong social entrepreneur. By definition that means I love to create from ideas that make the world better. In reality, that has meant those ideas have taken me from landfills and vulnerable places to public stages around the world. I have had amazing wins and epic losses.

Through it, I have realized that bravery can be reclaimed, one choice at a time.

I have spoken to hundreds of audiences all over the world and I have coached and mentored many clients one on one. My life work is focused on helping others to find their own resilience, uncover new ways of thinking, and support their dreams of social change.

Changing the world takes bravery. And the only place it can be found is in each of us.

Feeling lost and being lost are not the same thing. Resiliency is a muscle we can all learn and grow, starting right now.

So, let's talk about you and what you are looking for...

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